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Last of State's Municipal Courts Slated for Demise on Feb. 8
(Jan. 26, 2001)

Administrative Office of the Courts Report Calls Court Unification a Success
(Nov. 30, 2000)

Municipal Court Administrators Melded Into Unified Court
(Jan. 26, 2000)

Municipal Court Judges Sworn In to Los Angeles Superior Court
(Jan. 25, 2000)

Judges Vote to Unify; Expanded Trial Court to Emerge Saturday
(Jan. 18, 2000)

Chavez, McBeth Issue Call for Third Round of Unification Voting
(Dec. 2, 1999)

Los Angeles Superior Court Judges Vote 167-66
To Reject Unification

(June 8, 1999)

Court Unification: a Controversy of the Past…and the Future
(Perspectives, April 11, 2002)

Efforts to Bully Superior Court Judges Into Submission on Unification Are Wrong
By Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Duggan
(Sept. 23, 1999)

No on Proposition 220
(Editorial, Feb. 18, 1998)


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