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Nov. 7 General Election

Martinez, Mintz Express Relief at Successful End to Judicial Races
(Nov. 9, 2000)

Judge Says LACBA Action Obviates Need for Preliminary Injunction Against Vargas-Rodriguez in Martinez Lawsuit
(Oct. 26, 2000)

Bar Panel Issues Findings Against Both Martinez, Vargas-Rodriguez
(Oct. 24, 2000)

Judge Rejects Martinez's Bid for TRO Against Challenger's Mailers
(Oct. 11, 2000)

Hearing on Suit Over LACBA Candidate Evaluations Delayed Again
(Oct. 2, 2000)

Martinez Files Motion to Block Opponent's Brochures
(Sept. 11, 2000)

Downey Judge Spent $170,000 to Retain Seat, Records Show
(Aug. 7, 2000)

Martinez Drops Cerrell Associates in Runoff Race With Vargas-Rodriguez
(June 27, 2000)

Suit Challenging LACBA Rating of Court Candidates Assigned to Sohigian
(June 15, 2000)

Final Election Tally Pits Mintz, Roberts in Runoff for Superior Court Contest
(March 29, 2000)

March 7 Primary Election

Four Prosecutors, Three Incumbents Win Local Judicial Contests
(March 9, 2000)

Charges Fly as Antelope Judicial Contest Draws Toward Close
(March 6, 2000)

Downey Judge Spends $80,000 in Effort to Retain Seat
(March 3, 2000)

Rogers Denies Calling Her Superior Court Election Opponent an 'Alcoholic'
(Feb. 28, 2000)

Dawson, Citing Ethics Worries, Skips Taping of TV Debate as Opponents Spar Over Experience
(Feb. 24, 2000)

LACBA Says Five 'Not Qualified' for Bench; Candidate's Bid to Enjoin Release of Rating Rejected
(Feb. 11, 2000)

All Countywide Judicial Candidates Rated 'Well-Qualified' by LACBA
(Feb. 10, 2000)

Commissioners, Prosecutor Top Spenders in Race for Open Court Seat
(Feb. 4, 2000)

Incumbent Maintains Wide Lead in Fund-Raising Over Challenger in Downey Court Race—Reports
(Feb. 2, 2000)

Prosecutor Seeking Judicial Post Says He Will Appeal 'Qualified' Rating From LACBA
(Feb. 1, 2000)

Mader Still Well Ahead in Funding for Superior Court Race, Campaign Reports Show
(Feb. 1, 2000)

Two More Judges Get LACBA Tentative Rating Below 'Well Qualified'
(Jan. 31 2000)

Superior Court Judge Pamela Rogers' Tentative Rating From County Bar Panel Less Than 'Well Qualified'
(Jan. 28, 2000)

Three Candidates to Appeal County Bar's Tentative Rating
(Jan. 27, 2000)

Disciplinary Charges Against Judicial Candidate Silverton Have Not Been Resolved, State Bar Spokesperson Says
(Jan. 21, 2000)

Judge Approves Candidate's Use of 'Professor' Designation on Ballot
( Jan. 13, 2000)


Los Angeles Superior Court

Two Bench Officers, Former Police Inspector General Do Battle
(Feb. 7, 2000)

Alhambra Municipal Court

Long-Serving Jurist Challenged Amid Complaints Over His Demeanor
(Feb. 28, 2000)

Antelope Municipal Court

Office No. 1
Two Well-Regarded Lawyers Compete in Tight Judicial Contest

(Feb. 8, 2000)

Office No. 2

Part 1
Judge Says Challenger Appears in Court Inebriated; Challenger Says Judge Puts in Short Hours
(Jan. 24, 2000)

Part 2
Incumbent With Political Connections Faces Challenges From Two Lawyers in Cowboy Boots

Jan. 25, 2000)

Beverly Hills Municipal Court

Four Battle for Judicial Post, With One Clearly Out Front
(Jan. 19, 2000)

Downey Municipal Court

Downey Municipal Court: Lawyer Relies on Local Ties in Seeking to Unseat Judge From Outside the District
(Jan. 3, 2000)

Inglewood Municipal Court

Campaign Carries Religious Overtones
(March 2, 2000)

Los Angeles Municipal Court

Office No. One

Six Seek Open Seat, One Aspires to Victory in the Primary
(Jan. 20, 2000)

Office No. 44
Judge Faces Challenge From Lawyer Who Entered Contest by Mistake
(Dec. 29, 1999)


Court's Ruling Gives Go-Ahead to Campaign Deception
(Jan. 13, 2000)


William A. Clark
(March 7, 2000)

 Pamela Rogers
(Feb. 29, 2000)  

Judicial Endorsements
All 9 races in Los Angeles County

(Feb. 28, 2000)

  Jesse Rodriguez 
Downey Municipal Court

(Jan. 4, 2000)

 Richard Rico
Los Angeles Municipal Court

(Dec. 31, 1999)


2000: a Year of the Woman, and Not the 'Professor'
("Perspectives," March 9, 2000)

Pledge Is Attributed to Judge Rico to 'Fight to Protect Seniors' Rights'
("Perspectives," March 3, 2000)

Aliens From South Bay Seek to Infiltrate Courts in Other Vicinages
("Perspectives," Jan. 4, 2000)

Want to Run for a Judgeship? First, You Need to Be a 'Professor'
("Perspectives," Dec. 15, 1999)

and Guidelines

  Gary Klausner
Los Angeles
Superior Court
(March 18, 1998)

Judge James Kaddo — Stealing the Shoes of Another Judge
(March 2, 1998)


Klausner Wins in Court, Bach Loses — Or Is It the Other Way Around?
("Perspectives," March 16, 1998)  


Presiding Justice Klein Says Judicial Elections Aid Cause of Diversity
(Nov. 5, 1996)

Ex-Judge Casas Enjoined From Calling Himself 'Judge' in Judicial Campaign
(Jan. 22, 1996)


L.A. Times Falls Down on Job in Making Judicial Endorsements
(Oct. 25, 1996)

Campaign Lies Encouraged
(Sept. 4, 1996)

Lying Is Regrettably Rampant in This Year's Judicial Elections
(March 22, 1996) 


Friedman Ordered to Pay $12,000 in Fees to Moriarity's Lawyer
(Oct. 13, 1994)


16 Justices to Face the Voters — All Should Be Retained
(Oct. 11, 1994)

Why Are Stone and Yegan on the Ballot in Los Angeles?
(Oct. 11, 1994)


Judge Adjudicated as Campaign Liar to Discuss Judicial Elections
(Perspectives, Nov. 1, 1996)

Judge Terry Friedman Is Outstanding Jurist
(Letter to the Editor by Judge Paul Boland, July 8, 1996)

Judge Terry Friedman—Who's He Trying to Kid?
(Editorial, June 17, 1996)

John Moriarity   
 (April 25, 1994; primary election endorsement)
John Moriarity   
 (Oct. 17, 1994; general election endorsement)

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