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Thursday, March 22, 2018


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Burbank Police Chief Denies Having Endorsed Diamond for Judgeship


By a MetNews Staff Writer


The Burbank chief of police—who has executed a declaration under penalty of perjury saying that the scanty work done by judicial candidate David D. Diamond as a police commissioner does not entitle him to list that unpaid post on the ballot as an “occupation”—yesterday denied that he had erndorsed the contender for election to the Superior Court.

Chief Scott LaChasse said in an email to the MetNews, in response to an inquiry:

“I had absolutely no knowledge that he was running for a judgeship, and I have not and will not endorse him.”

Diamond, in respose, provided a Feb. 16 email from Sherre Nakamura, LaChasse’s secretary, saying:

“Chief would be happy to provide his endorsement.  Do you need a letter?  If so, please provide contact info and format the letter should take.”

The candidate—whose ballot designation as “Police Commissioner/Attorney” is being challenged in a writ proceeding by his sole opponent for Office No. 118, Deputy Los Angeles District Attorney Troy Davis—commented:

“I would never mislead the public or the voters.  I  corresponded with the Chief’s office indicating I was running for the bench and subsequently got an email back verifying his endorsement.  That is in writing, there is no dipute.  Mr. Davis’ legal team insists on creating conflict where none exists.”

Diamond, a criminal defense attorney, said that LaChasse “appears to have written a letter to the governor supporting me as a judicial candidate, in addition to endorsing me in the election.”


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