Courtroom Simulations Were Featured on Early Television
March 27, 2003

Evelle J. Younger: a Real-Life Judge Portrays a Judge on Television
April 3, 2003

‘Traffic Court’ Gains a Sponsor; Judge Younger Obliged to Quit
April 10, 2003

Edgar Allan Jones Jr.: a Professor With a Black Robe
 April 17, 2003

Prof. Edgar Jones: Star of Three Network Shows
 April 24, 2003

‘Day in Court’ Judge Bolts When Show Becomes Soap Opera
 May 1, 2003

TV Courtroom Shows Proliferate in the Late 1950s
 May 8, 2003

Divorce Court: the Accent Was on Sex
 May 15, 2003

Orrin B. Evans: Judge of a ‘People’s Court’ in 1959
 May 22, 2003

'Day in Court,',  'Winchell-Mahoney Time,' Du Mont Shows: Not to Be Seen  Again
 May 29, 2003

KTLA’s ‘Night Court’: Not to Be Taken Seriously
June 5, 2003

'Night Court, USA': More Fiction Than Reality
 June 12, 2003

Sheldon Sloan: Almost the Star of the 'People's Court'
June 19, 2003

Judge Joseph A. Wapner: a Success Story
 June 26, 2003

‘People’s Court’: the Show The Networks Spurned
July 3, 2003

Certain Cases on ‘People’s Court’ Come Readily to Wapner’s Mind
July 10, 2003

William B. Keene: Judge on ‘Divorce Court’ in the 1980s
July 17, 2003

Presiding Over TV’s ‘Divorce Court’: ‘a Fun Kind of Thing’
July 24, 2003

Surly Ex-Police Officer Presides on TV’s ‘Superior Court
July 31, 2003

‘Superior Court,’ Starring Rose Bird, Mildred Lillie, Arthur Alarcon
Aug. 7, 2003

‘OK, Mr. Justice, Camera’s Rolling; Scene One, Take One!’
Aug. 14, 2003

1980s: Judges Played Judges, Actors Played Judges
Aug. 21, 2003

Rusty Burrell: a Bailiff in Three Courtroom Series
Aug. 28, 2003

‘People’s Court’ Returns to the Air but Without Wapner
Sept. 4, 2003

Judge Wapner vs. Judge Judy: What a Match That Would Have Been
Sept. 11, 2003

Lance Ito Becomes TV’s Most-Watched Judge
Sept. 18, 2003

Did Ito Permit a ‘Media Circus’? Wapner: Yes. Philibosian: No.
Sept. 25, 2003

Seven Courtroom Shows Appear on TV’s Fall Docket
Oct. 2, 2003

Black Judges Represented on TV as Loud, Crass Jerks
Oct. 9, 2003

TV, Radio Feature Reenactments Of Trials--Even a Pre-Enactment
Oct. 16, 2003

16 TV Courtroom Shows Preceded 'Judge Judy,' 13 Have Come Since
Oct. 23, 2003

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