The Judge Who Wouldn't Work

The Commission on Judicial Performance, though aware that the Governor's Office had already received Murphy's letter of resignation, announced on May 10, 2001 that it was removing Murphy from office. Commission Director-Chief Counsel Victoria Henley declared at the time that the commission had no procedures for reconsideration. Nonetheless, without public announcement, it subsequently acted to lift the purported removal, censure the former jurist, and bar him from receiving judicial assignments. This was reported in the course of a discussion of the CJP in a Nov. 5, 2001 "Perspectives" column.

Judge’s Resignation Becomes Effective on Date Set Forth in Letter, Secretary of State’s Office Says
(May 14, 2001)

CJP Orders Murphy’s Removal; Right to Practice Law in Doubt
(May 11, 2001)

Embattled Judge Patrick B. Murphy Resigns From Superior Court
(May 10, 2001)

End of the Month: Patrick Murphy
(Jan. 31, 2001)

Murphy Testifies He Developed 'Phobia' of the Court That Prevented Him From Handling His Duties
(Jan. 25, 2001)

Murphy, Citing Illness, Requests Halt of CJP Hearing
(Jan. 24, 2001)

Colleagues Tell CJP Murphy's Absence Was Frustrating
(Jan. 23, 2001)

CJP Slates Hearing on Charges That Judge Patrick Murphy Abandoned His Duties on Superior Court Bench
(July 21, 2000)
Includes follow-up stories on postponements.

Suits Involving Superior Court Judge Murphy Settled, Lawyers Say
(April 27, 2000)

Judge Murphy Responds to CJP, Accuses Commission of Bias
(April 24, 2000)

Byrne Points to May Trial for Suit Against Superior Court Judge Murphy
(April 7, 2000)

Settlement Talks in Conspiracy Suit Involving Murphy Fail; Trial Set
(March 31, 2000)

Tentative Settlement in Federal Suit Involving Murphy Falls Through
(March 28, 2000)

Byrne Awaiting Word Today on Settlement In Case Involving Murphy
(March 27, 2000)

Byrne Denies Summary Judgment in Suit Involving Murphy
(March 21, 2000)

Judge Allows Murphy's Attorney to Withdraw From Suit Against Two Lawyers
(March 20, 2000)

Byrne Orders Murphy's Ex-Lawyer to Explain Missing Files
(March 17, 2000)

Murphy Attorney Allowed to Withdraw in Bankruptcy Suit
(March 16, 2000)

CJP Brings Proceedings Against Judge Patrick Murphy
(March 7, 2000)

Murphy Tells Judge He Is Looking for New Lawyer
(March 1, 2000)

Judge Murphy's Attorney Allowed to Withdraw From Fraud Case
(Feb. 16, 2000)

Murphy Not Seeking Disability Retirement--CJP Director
(Feb. 15, 2000)

Judge Murphy's Attorney Asks to Withdraw From Fraud Case
(Feb. 11, 2000)

Judge Murphy Sworn In Via Telephone, Court Sources Say
(Feb. 2, 2000)

Suit Against Murphy Set for Trial; Lawyer Says Judge's Whereabouts Unknown
(Jan. 25, 2000)

Settlement of Suit Against Citrus Judge Murphy
Falls Apart as Grand Jury Probes
Fund Transfers--Lawyer

(Jan. 18, 2000)

Murphy Blames Co-Defendants in Suits
Over Missing Money

(May 10, 1999)

Murphy Trip Disclosure Reflects Links to Scientology
(May 10, 1999)

District Attorney's Office Confirms Probe of Judge Murphy
(April 23, 1999)

Murphy Named as Defendant in Bankruptcy Trustee's Suit Alleging Concealment of Funds From Creditors
(April 21, 1999)

Murphy Under Investigation by FBI, IRS
(April 20, 1999)

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