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Monday, November 4, 2002;
Tuesday, November 5, 2002


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Summary of Recommendations in Judicial Races


 Hank Goldberg
            Los Angeles Superior Court Office No. 2


Both candidates in this race, private practitioner Joseph Deering Jr. and Deputy District Attorney Hank Goldberg, are well qualified for the Superior Court. It’s a shame they’re in the same race, especially given the lack of a fit contender in one of the other races. It’s a tough call, but we recommend a vote for Goldberg, a bright and able prosecutor.



 Richard Naranjo
            Los Angeles Superior Court Office No. 39


In the primary, we expressed the view that none of the three candidates had impressive credentials for the Superior Court. As between the two deputy district attorneys in the race, Richard Naranjo and Craig Renetzky, we recommended Naranjo based on our perception that he “has greater maturity than the 34-year-old Renetzky.” Since the primary, Renetzky has gained a part-time job teaching a law related subject at a community college, and bills himself on the ballot as a “law professor.” While a Los Angeles County Bar Assn. committee that supposedly has some concern over campaign ethics in judicial races found nothing wrong with that, we do. Renetzky is not a professor of law. The misrepresentation by Renetzky leaves us more convinced than before that Naranjo should be elected.



Paul A. Bacigalupo
            Los Angeles Superior Court Office No. 67


State Bar Court Judge Paul A. Bacigalupo has been performing judicial chores, has the knack, and will have no difficult assuming the role of a Superior Court judge. His opponent, Deputy District Attorney David Gelfound, does not have that background, and has no offsetting advantage over Bacigalupo that we can discern. He displayed infirm reasoning in seeking a writ of mandate to force an alteration in Bacigalupo’s ballot designation as “Judge, State Bar.” Yes, the designation is inadequate. The precise position Bacigalupo holds is “State Bar Court Judge” or “Judge, State Bar Court.” But complete accuracy is thwarted by the statutory requirement that no more than three words be used. The court challenge was meritless, reflecting adversely on Gelfound.



No Endorsement
            Los Angeles Superior Court Office No. 100


Workers’ Compensation Judge John C. Gutierrez might know something about workers’ compensation law, but has not kept up with developments in the law outside that field. Deputy District Attorney Richard F. Walmark lacks a sense of accountability. As between a candidate who is lacking in legal knowledge and a candidate who is arrogant, we have no preference.


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