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Tuesday, October 31, 2023


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Darden Pulls Declaration of Intent to Seek Open Seat on Los Angeles Superior Court


By a MetNews Staff Writer


Former Deputy District Attorney Christopher A. Darden, a prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson murder trial, yesterday took out a declaration of intent to run for Los Angeles Superior Court Office No. 130 in the March 5 primary election.

The seat is currently held by Judge Brian Yep, who has opted not to run.

Yesterday was the opening day of the period for taking out the declarations. As of press time, Darden was the only candidate to do so, according to online records of the Office of Registrar-Recorder.

Ten lawyers have taken out petitions on which to gather signatures in support of their Superior Court candidacies. Three signatures take $1 off the $2,323.99 filing fee.

Private practitioner Luz E. Herrera has taken out an in-lieu petition for Office No. 137, presently held by Judge Dianna Gould-Saltman. The judge confirmed late Friday that she is not running.

The period for filing declarations of intent to run begins on Oct. 30 and ends Nov. 8 except that there is a five-day extension during which a non-incumbent may file a declaration for a seat where the incumbent has not filed.

Candidates may take out and file declarations for multiple seats but must decide which seat to run for in filing nominating papers. Those papers may be filed between Nov. 13 to Dec. 8, also with a five-day extension where the incumbent does not turn in nomination papers.

Thirty incumbents both took out and filed their declarations yesterday. They are Mark S. Arnold, Francis Bennett, Stephanie Bowick, Maria Rivas Byrum, James C. Chalfant, Tony J. Cho, Ronald S. Coen, Pamela J. Dansby, Troy Davis, Susan J. De Witt, Mark H. Epstein, Cathryn Franco Brougham, Tamara E. Hall, Dean Hansell, Roger Ito, Sanjay Kumar, Ruth Ann Kwan, Thomas D. Long, Jerry B. Marshak, Victor D. Martinez, Tiana J. Murillo, Sam Ohta, Curtis Rappe, Christine Rodriguez Tyler, Kevin S. Rosenberg, Salvatore Sirna, Diana W. Tsang, Yvette Verastegui, William E. Weinberger, Victoria B. Wilson.


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