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Tuesday, November 21, 2023


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Los Angeles Registrar-Recorder’s Office Accepts Incomplete Ballot Designations


By a MetNews Staff Writer


The Office of Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder has accepted two ballot designation for judicial candidates that fail to meet the exacting criteria set forth in Election Code §13107.

A designation of “Deputy Public Defender” has been approved by the office for Kimberly Repecka and La Shae Henderson, without a reference to “County of Los Angeles.”

Sec. 13107 provides that “a candidate for judicial office who is an active member of the State Bar employed by a…county” who wishes to use his or her job title, must use “the actual job title” along with use of a qualifier, specifying: “the name of the county shall appear preceded by the words ‘County of.’ ”

A candidate specifies choices for a ballot designation at the time of filing nominating papers. The Registrar-Recorder’s Office is required to accept designations only if they meet the criteria of §13107 and regulations promulgated by the Office of Secretary of State.

Four prosecutors, as of press time yesterday, have chosen designations in conformity with the statute. Sam Abourched, Victor Avila, Christmas Brookens, and Georgia Huerta is each running as “Deputy District Attorney, County of Los Angeles.”

Mohammad Ali Fakhreddine is listed as “Father/Attorney”—a permissible designation under Title 2, §20714 of the Code of Regulations. It says that “[e]xamples of an acceptable designation of a ‘vocation,’…include, but are not limited to…‘father’.”

However, in 2018, candidate Onica Valle Cole used the designation “Attorney/Mother” and came in third in a three-person contest for a judgeship, gaining only 18.9 percent of the vote.

 Nominating papers are due Dec. 8


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