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Monday, April 17, 2023


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A.G.’s Office ‘Unredacts’ Allegations Against Amazon


By a MetNews Staff Writer


The Office of California Attorney General on Friday released a copy of its complaint alleging antitrust violations by Amazon with some of the material it redacted when it filed the pleading in September now revealed, on orders of San Francisco Superior Court Judge Ethan Schulman.

Among the allegations that were previously redacted is that Amazon admits in internal documents that “[s]ellers live in constant fear that their accounts will be suspended, or that top selling products will be removed, putting their businesses and livelihoods at risk” and that Amazon causes sellers “to maintain higher prices on their own websites” and “maintain higher prices on other marketplaces.”

Also now unredacted is an allegation that “Amazon has received numerous complaints voicing customers’ frustration with ads that are not relevant to their shopping intent and have made the experience of shopping on Amazon worse.”

The Office of Attorney General on Friday commented that “Amazon has, and exercises, tremendous power over the merchants on its site.”

It provided no explanation of why it had redacted the allegations Schulman ordered to be publicly disclosed.


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