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Tuesday, November 15, 2022


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52.4 Percent Succeed on June State Bar Examination


By a MetNews Staff Writer


The State Bar of California has announced that 3,753 persons, representing 52.4 percent of the applicants, passed the July 2022 bar exam.

This was a hair under the 53 percent success rate one year ago.

The announcement was made late Thursday. This, also, was disclosed:

“The State Bar became aware on November 9 that a few exam takers reported being able to access certain fields of data in the Applicant Portal indicative of their own results prior to receiving their official notification from the State Bar. The State Bar takes these types of reports seriously and has commenced an investigation that will explore these reports, including among other things, whether any IT security, ethical, or legal violations occurred.”   

The attorneys’ exam was taken by 379 out-of-state lawyers and 186 of them—49.1 percent—passed.

A lower percentage of applicants who have taken the bar exam before and flunked invariably pass at a lower rate than those who have not taken the exam previously. This time, 77.8 percent of non-repeaters passed while only 22.2 percent of the repeaters succeeded.

These figures wert provided for other jurisdictions:

•Washington, D.C. (72 percent compared to 73 percent in 2021)

•Pennsylvania (68 percent compared to 69 percent in 2021)

•New York (66 percent compared to 63 percent in 2021)

•Florida (51 percent compared to 44 percent in 2021)

State Bar Executive Director Leah Wilson commented:

“For thousands of applicants of the General Bar Exam and Attorneys’ Exam, today is a milestone to be celebrated. It is an acknowledgment of the dedication and hard work it took to get here and a major step toward the start of their legal careers in California. We congratulate each of them on this stellar achievement.”

The State Bar provided these rounded-off figures, by law school type:




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