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Tuesday, May 10, 2022


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ADDA Endorses 11 Deputies in Judicial Races

Siddall Says Quiñones Did Not Seek Group’s Expression of Support


By a MetNews Staff Writer


The Association of Deputy District Attorneys yesterday released its endorsements in judicial contests and for a few other offices on the June 7 ballot but its recommendations for Los Angeles Superior Court seats are apt to be of little value to voters because the organization made dual endorsements for three seats and three endorsements for another.

There are 12 deputy district attorneys seeking six open seats, and the ADDA endorsed 11 of them. Not on the list of approved office-seekers is Richard Quiñones, a candidate for Office No. 151.

ADDA Vice President Eric Siddall explained:

“He didn’t seek our endorsement.” 

Endorsed Deputies

Those who did seek endorsements and got them were Abby Baron and Sharon Ransom (Office No. 60); Fernanda Barreto and Ryan Dibble (Office No. 67); Renee Chang (Office No. 70); Leslie Gutierrez and Melissa Lyons (Office No. 90); Melissa Hammond, Georgia Huerta and Keith Koyano (Office No. 118); and Karen Brako (Office No. 151).

The ADDA also endorsed Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David Gelfound, a former deputy district attorney who is being challenged by Deputy Public Defender Lloyd Handler. It did not state a choice as between incumbent Carol Elswick and attorney Albert Robles, nor did it make a selection as among Sherilyn Garnett (who is listed on the ballot as a Los Angeles Superior Court judge but who has been confirmed as a U.S. District Court for the Central District of California) and attorneys Tim Reuben and Frank Amador.

Recommended by the 800-plus association of prosecutors were Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert for state attorney general, incumbent Jeffrey Prang for county assessor, Deputy District Attorney Paul Seo for the Rancho Palos Verdes City Council, and Deputy District Attorney David Zygielbaum for the Torrance City Council, as well as Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Andrea Mader for the Orange Superior Court.

Democratic Party Endorsements

The Los Angeles County Democratic Party has made endorsements in judicial races, favoring deputy public defenders. In the one race in which they endorsed a prosecutor, no deputy public defenders are running.

The recommendations are:

Attorney Tim Reuben (Office No. 3); Deputy Public Defender Elizabeth Lashley-Haynes (Office No. 67); Deputy Public Defender Holly Hancock (Office No. 70); Deputy Public Defender Kevin McGurk (Office No.  90) Deputy Public Defender Lloyd Handler (Office No. 116); Deputy District Attorney Georgia Huerta (Office No. 118); Deputy Public Defender Patrick Hare (Office No. 151); and incumbent Carol Elswick (Office No. 156).


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