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Friday, August 13, 2021


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State Judges to Receive Automatic Pay Boosts


By a MetNews Staff Writer


California judges are receiving a 4.3 percent pay raise, retroactively to July 1, the Judicial Council advised members of the judiciary yesterday.

Administrative Director Martin Hoshino forwarded to the state’s judges a letter from the California Department of Human Resources (“CalHR”), dated Wednesday, telling of the fiscal year 2021–22 salary increases.

Hoshino explained:

“Annual increases in judicial salaries are linked to those received by executive branch employees, as negotiated through statewide collective bargaining agreements. After bargaining agreements are reached. CalHR calculates the proposed increase amount and submits a formal Exempt Pay Letter to the State Controller.

“The methodology CalHR uses to calculate judicial salary increases under section 68203 is based on salary costs related to all state employees within the executive branch. This methodology calculates an average general salary increase relative to the state’s entire executive branch workforce, which includes 21 bargaining units as well as the remaining excluded employees. The methodology takes into account the size of the bargaining unit and the total costs of general salary increases across the entire executive branch.”

He noted that the salary increases will be reflected in the checks issued Sept. 1 for the month of August and that separate checks will be issued to make up for underpayments for July.

The automatic increase is pursuant to Government Code §68203 which went into effect on June 27, 2017.

Hoshino attached to his memo Wednesday’s letter from CalHR’s exempt program manager, Manpreet Singh, containing the chart shown immediately below. Beneath that is a chart from the U.S. Courts website showing the slightly lower salaries of federal judges.






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