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Wednesday, July 8, 2020


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Los Angeles Superior Court Extends Grace Period for Paying Tickets

Nonpayments Won’t Be Referred for Collection Until After Aug. 21; Masks With Cloth Drapes Must Be Worn in All Courthouses


By a MetNews Staff Writer


The Los Angeles Superior Court yesterday announced that the 90-day grace period for paying traffic and non-traffic infraction fines, instituted on April 10 and set to expire tomorrow, is extended to Aug. 21.

Presiding Judge Kevin Brazile commented:

“The court is making every effort to help people who may have lost a job or become ill during the pandemic. Recognizing the many hardships during this public health and economic crisis, we want to give people even more time to take care of these tickets.”

In particular, the court will desist from sending matters to collection during the 42-day period.

An announcement said:

“People do not need to contact the Clerk’s Office to take advantage of this relief. Due to social distancing protocols, DO NOT come to the courthouse for any in-person services without a prescheduled appointment.”

Phone numbers of “call centers” for scheduling appointments are listed on the court’s website at:

Late Monday, the court updated its requirement that persons entering any of its 38 functioning courthouses wear a mask, specifying that the mask cover the person’s nose and mouth, wrap around the sides of the face, and include a cloth drape to below the neck.

Brazile remarked:

“The more we learn about COVID-19 and measures to slow its spread, it is imperative to follow the evolving local, state and federal public health protocols. Face shields should not be used in place of a mask or cloth face covering according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“In the absence of data that face shields alone provide adequate protection from respiratory droplets, I am amending my June 5 General Order on face coverings to specify face shield requirements, including the use of a cloth drape.”

The order warns:

“Individuals who remove their masks or face covering after entering the courthouse or courtroom will be reminded to wear them. If they refuse, they may be denied services, may  have their legal matters rescheduled, and/or will be asked to leave the courthouse or courtroom  immediately. Persons who refuse to leave voluntarily will be escorted out of the courthouse and/or courtroom by Los Angeles Sheriff Department’s personnel.”


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