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Friday, September 25, 2020


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Candidate Says Rival Capitalizes on Ginsburg’s Death

Law Professor Dellinger Says Deputy D.A. Morgan Takes Out of Context Her Campaign Graphic


By a MetNews Staff Writer


A candidate for Los Angeles Superior Court Office No. 72 has accused his opponent in the Nov. 3 run-off election of attempting to politically capitalize on the death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and using a photograph of her in such a way as to imply an endorsement by the late jurist of her candidacy.

Leveling the charge is Deputy District Attorney Stephen Morgan. His rival in the race, University of South Dakota School of Law Professor Myanna Dellinger, complains that Morgan, in supplying a graphic to the METNEWS, “omits the text of the ad itself,” which is a tribute to Ginsburg.

While Dellinger pointed to the tribute on her campaign website, the graphic to which Morgan drew attention appears on her Facebook campaign page. This is the graphic:


Morgan commented:

“I was shocked and deeply saddened to see this ad by my opponent, Myanna Dellinger. Mere days after the passing of this legendary woman—considered by so many to be one of America’s finest jurists, it is appalling and so disrespectful to be using Justice Ginsburg’s likeness in this way to imply an endorsement of some sort for Ms. Dellinger.

“Justice Ginsburg understood the fundamental dignity of our profession. Unfortunately, Myanna Dellinger’s dishonorable use of the image of this woman who was a S/HERO to so many just further proves that Dellinger does not possess the temperament necessary to be a Superior Court Judge. She needs to remove this ad immediately and apologize to all who are still grieving while she spends some time reflecting on RBG’s life and legacy.”

Dellinger said on both her campaign website and her Facebook page:

“Sadly, we just lost one of the greatest female jurists of our time, if not all times.

“Many of my supporters have asked me to make a statement about what RBG meant to me. I humbly do so, otherwise not liking the recent trend of many major established organizations and interests to publicly state support for causes and directions that they have demonstrably not actually supported in recent months even when they had an easy and highly warranted chance to do so. This calls into question their intent behind their statements. Talk is cheap! Action matters!

“To me, RBG stands for the courage to do the right thing for the often disfavored segments and people of society. Think gender equity, of course, but also LGBT rights, race, ethnicity, birth control, voting rights, and so much more; issues many of which have now been resolved in the legally, societally, and humanely correct way.”

Asks No Favor

The candidate went on to say, in part:

“Above all, RBG stands to me for her support of women’s rights and women’s success in the workplace. She is famous for having commented, ‘I ask for no favor for my sex. All I ask of our brethren is that they take their feet off our necks’ citing feminist and abolitionist Sarah Grimké). In 2020, I would personally take that further. I do not ask for ‘favors,’ but I do ask for more progress for women and other minority members in the workplace and beyond. I ask of my brothers and sisters (who can be the worst detractors of other women) that they not only take the feet off our necks, but that they support open, honest, and professional dialogue and efforts for the improvement of not only our own lives, but those of future generations and society. Female voices in government matter! Diversity matters! Courage matters! RBG proved this a long time ago. We should still heed her advice. RIP.”

Morgan responded:

“Despite her protests to the contrary, I think it’s immediately obvious to all who view Ms. Dellinger’s posts that she was attempting to use Justice Ginsburg’s death to score political points. Long story short: it’s below the dignity of the office.”

Further Comment

In a further statement, Dellinger said:

“My only other comment is that I’m running my campaign like I will my courtroom: with maturity, calmness, dignity, and respect for all, even when I have to be “tough on crime,” if I were to be assigned to criminal court. I have never said anything negative about my opponent personally or his campaign methods. I have questioned the societal wisdom in having a bench that includes as many district attorneys as is currently the case in a constitutionally tripartite government. I stand by that.

“Further, Governor Newsom, Donald Trump, and others call for more females on the bench as did Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I applaud that. Facts and research show that diversity in viewpoints and professional backgrounds can lead to key improvements. My values include inclusiveness, openness to new ideas, and retaining a high degree of integrity while being a critical observer of issues surrounding me. I don’t think society appreciates all the divisiveness and hateful speech that we see from some in today’s political climate.”

Two other judicial contests are on the ballot in Los Angeles County. Deputy District Attorney David Berger is vying with Administrative Law Judge Klint James McKay and Deputy District Attorney Scott Yang is pitted against criminal defense attorney David D. Diamond.


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