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Monday, November 16, 2020


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Dellinger, Conceding Loss in Judicial Race, Thanks Supporters, Vows Continued Push for Diversity


By a MetNews Staff Writer


Myanna Dellinger, a University of South Dakota law professor who narrowly lost a runoff for a Los Angeles Superior Court open seat to Deputy District Attorney Steve Morgan, said the following on her Facebook page:

Dear supporters: Thank you so much for your incredibly large amount of support during my recent run for judge! Of course, thank you so much for all your votes as well! The election results have not been certified yet. However, as it stands now, it looks like I lost by a razor thin margin. So far, I got 1,631,749 votes for 48.98% of the votes. So far, my opponent got 1,699,717 votes for 51.02%. (Only about 50% of registered voters in LA County voted for judges, it looks like. That’s just one of many things that, in my opinion, have to change in this context.).

I am incredibly proud of this result as it is not a secret that I ran as the “underdog”/”outsider” in, it is fair to say, a system that operates with a lot of insiders with very strong voices. This clearly shows that voters are ready for positive change on the bench as well as elsewhere. I have supported diversity not only of color, but of professional and personal backgrounds as well, throughout my life and in this race. We know that a richness of personal and professional insight adds value to our governments and businesses if we let it. I will continue to emphasize the importance of this.

I will soon be looking for ways that I can contribute to the justice system in LA County as you so clearly wanted me to. I will be reaching out to my many institutional, organizational, and private supporters just like I sincerely hope you will continue to loop me into our discussions right away.

As always, I stand for respect of others, kindness, inclusion, and examining new solutions to old problems in cooperation with as many others as possible when possible. One of my voters wrote the following to me: “I was so excited and proud to vote for you this week! Thank you for being light in a dark time.” You are welcome!

In solidarity and awe,



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