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Monday, May 13, 2019


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C.A. Dumps Appeal in Long v. Peck P.J.L. v. Peck


By a MetNews Staff Writer


Div. Two of the Fourth District Court of Appeal on Friday reissued an opinion dismissing an appeal for mootness, with this version replacing the name of the plaintiff/respondent with her initials.

Its first unpublished opinion in the case was filed Wednesday as Long v. Peck, identifying the plaintiff as Paula Jean Long and the defendant as Gary Peck. Long had obtained a one-year domestic violence restraining order against Peck; Peck appealed; one year has passed; Div. Two, in a nine-page opinion by Acting Presiding Justice Douglas P. Miller, dismissed the action as moot.

On Thursday, an order was filed saying: “the opinion filed May 8, 2019 is vacated and the matter is resubmitted as of this date.”

The new opinion bears the caption P.J.L. v. Peck, and throughout, Long is identified as P.J.L.

The docket reflects no request from Long to change her name to initials.

Peck, of Twenty-nine Palms, represented himself on appeal. Long, of Joshua Tree, made no appearance.

Justices Frank J. Menetrez  and Richard Todd Fields  concurred.

The case number is E070116.


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