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Wednesday, November 13, 2019


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Shannon Kathleen Cooley Unopposed for Superior Court

Four Candidates Join Races for Open Seats on Last Day


By a MetNews Staff Writer



Deputy District Attorney

Deputy District Attorney Shannon Kathleen Cooley yesterday, on the last day for filing declarations to run for open seats, emerged as unopposed for a Los Angeles Superior Court office.

Cooley, daughter of former County District Attorney Steve Cooley, had racked up more than 180 judicial endorsements and raised about $160,000 in campaign contributions.

Also yesterday, Los Angeles Deputy District Attorneys David Berger, Nick C. Rini, and Robert “Bob” Villa, as well as attorney Onica Cole—who was fired last year as a Los Angeles deputy city attorney—filed declarations of intent to seek election to judgeships.

Berger, who has twice unsuccessfully sought election to the bench, filed a declaration of intent to run for Office No. 80, as did Rini.

Berger’s law degree is from Loyola; Rini’s is from the University of San Diego.

Criminal defense lawyer David D. Diamond, who ran unsuccessfully last year, also filed a declaration for that office; he had already filed declarations for three other offices.

Others seeking that seat are immigration attorney Robert F. Jacobs and Klint James McKay, an administrative law judge in Sacramento.

                          Villa vs. Sun

Villa, whose law degree is from Western State University, filed a declaration for Office No. 42. He will do battle with Supervising Deputy Attorney General Linda Sun, who has been campaigning for several months.

Cole, whose first name is Onica, is now listing herself as “Sherri ‘Onica’ Valle Cole.” A graduate of the law school at Loyola, she took out declarations for Offices 129 and 150.

Private practitioner Timothy D. Reuben, who took out declarations for 11 offices, filed declarations yesterday for Offices 97, 131, and 141.

Nominating Papers

Yesterday was the first day for taking out nominating papers, which are due Dec. 6. Grabbing them were Berger, Cooley, Rini, Villa, Deputy District Attorney Manuel Alejandro Almada (Office No. 150), Deputy District Attorney Emily Cole (Office Nos. 76, 145, 162),  Associate Law Professor Myanna Dellinger (Office No. 72), civil rights attorney Caree Annette Harper (Office No. 162), and Deputy District Attorney Kelly M. Kelley (Office No. 131).

Also pulling nominating papers were Deputy District Attorney Lana Kim (Office No. 141), West Hills attorney Bruce A. Moss (Office No. 129) attorney Tom Parsekian (Office Nos. 129 and 150), Deputy District Attorney Sherry L. Powell (Office No. 97), and attorney Troy William Slaten (Office Nos. 97, 131, 141, 145, and 162). (Moss, admitted to the State Bar in 1979, was on inactive bar status from Jan. 1, 1993, through March 6, 2001, rather than as previously reported.)

Below is a list of open seats that will be on the March 3 ballot; the judge who presently holds the office, and those who filed declarations of intent to run for the offices. Persons who have already been mentioned in the list are referred to by surname, only.

Possible delays in processing papers by the Registrar-Recorder’s Office could render the list incomplete.

Office No. 17 (held by Judge Randolph Rogers): Deputy District Attorney Shannon Kathleen Cooley.

Office No. 42 (held by Judge Carol Rose): Supervising Assistant Attorney General Linda L. Sun, Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Robert “Bob” Villa.

Office No. 72 (held by Judge Debre Katz Weintraub): Associate Law Professor Myanna Dellinger, Deputy District Attorney Steve Morgan.

Office No. 76 (held by Judge Robert P. Applegate): Deputy District Attorney Emily Cole, semi-retired attorney Judge Mike Cummins, and criminal defense attorney David D. Diamond.

Office No. 80 (held by Judge Patrick T. Meyers): Los Angeles Deputy District Attorneys David Berger and Nick C. Rini, Diamond, immigration attorney Robert F. Jacobs, Administrative Law Judge Klint James McKay.

Office No. 97 (held by Judge Kevin L. Brown): Deputy District Attorney Sherry L. Powell, private practitioners Timothy D. Reuben and Slaten.

Office No. 129 (held by Judge Thomas Trent Lewis): Deputy District Attorneys Kenneth M. Fuller and Yang, private practitioners Onica Valle Cole, Mark MacCarley, Bruce A. Moss, and Tom Parsekian.

Office No. 131 (held by Judge Daniel P. Ramirez): Deputy District Attorneys Kelly Michelle Kelley, Yang.

Office No. 141 (held by Judge Elizabeth A. Lippitt): Deputy District Attorney Lana Soon Kim; Slaten.

Office No. 145 (held by Judge Richard R. Romero): Deputy District Attorneys Adan Montalban, E. Cole, and Yang; Diamond.

Office No. 150 (held by Judge Frederick Rotenberg): Deputy District Attorneys Manuel Alejandro Almada and Yang; attorneys O. Cole and Parsekian.

Office No. 162 (held by Judge William N. Sterling): Cole, Diamond, Yang, civil rights attorney Caree Annette Harper.


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