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Tuesday, November 5, 2019


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Civil Rights Activist, Former Candidate, to Seek Judgeships

Judges Applegate, Brown, Meyers, Still Silent as to Election Plans


By a MetNews Staff Writer


A civil rights activist and a 2018 candidate whose chosen ballot designation was declared by a judge to be deceitful, yesterday took out declarations of intent to seek Los Angeles Superior Court seats.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judges Robert P. Applegate (Office No. 76), Kevin L. Brown (Office No. 94), and Patrick T. Meyers (Office No. 80) remain mum as to whether they will file declarations by tomorrow’s deadline, but yesterday, three aspirants for judicial office pulled papers to run for Applegate’s seat.

Caree Annette Harper, who bills herself on her campaign website as a “decorated police officer turned civil rights attorney,” took out a declaration to of an intent to run for Office No. 162 on the March 3 ballot, presently occupied by Judge William N. Sterling, who is not seeking reelection.

The  Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals last Dec. 5 reversed the dismissal with prejudice of an action brought by Harper against U.S. District Court Judge Otis Wright II of the Central District of California based on his abusive conduct toward her in connection with her representation of a homeless woman allegedly beaten by a California Highway Patrol officer.

District Court Judge R. Gary Klausner of the Central District of California, whose dismissal with prejudice had been reversed, again dismissed the action with prejudice on May 15, and the matter is again on appeal to the Ninth Circuit.

Harper obtained a $1.5 million settlement for her client.

Diamond Pulls Papers

Taking out a declaration to run for Sterling’s seat, as well as Applegate’s, and Office No. 145—held by Judge Richard R. Romero, who isn’t running—is Burbank criminal defense lawyer David D. Diamond.

On March 29, 2018, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mary Strobel held that the ballot designation Diamond sought—“Police Commissioner”—is “misleading,” in contravention of the Elections Code. She found it did not constitute “a profession, vocation, or occupation” in light of how little time is spent in connection with membership on the advisory body.

The post was won by then-Deputy District Attorney Troy Davis.

Diamond, who is no longer on the commission, later sought the ouster of the chief of police, who publicly disavowed having endorsed him for election as a judge.

Newspaper’s Error

Two candidates—Los Angeles Deputy District Attorneys Emily Cole and Scott Yang—took out declarations for Office No. 6, held by Judge Daniel Murphy, based on an error in the Friday issue of the METNEWS indicating that the number of Applegate’s seat is “6.” Each has now taken out papers for Office 76.

Cole previously filed declarations for Office Nos. 145 and 162. Yang has filed papers for both of those seats and for Office Nos. 93 (based on mistaken advice of his campaign consultant that it was an open seat), 131 (held by Judge Daniel P. Ramirez who has said he won’t file papers) and 150 (occupied by Judge Frederick Rotenberg, who also is not running).

Declarations for open seats are due Nov. 12.

Other Filing Declarations

Others who have filed declarations, and the judges whose post are being sought, are:

Deputy District Attorney Manuel Alejandro Almada, Office No. 150 (Rotenberg);

Deputy District Attorney Shannon Kathleen Cooley, Office No. 17 (Judge Randolph A. Rogers);

University of South Dakota Associate Law Professor Myanna Dellinger, Office. No. 72 (Judge Debre Katz Weintraub);

Deputy District Attorney Kenneth M. Fuller, Office No. 129 (Judge Thomas Trent Lewis);

Deputy District Attorney Kelly Michelle Kelley (running as “Michelle Kelley”), Office No. 131 (Ramirez);

Deputy District Attorney Steve Morgan, Office No. 72 (Weintraub);

Attorney Tom Parsekian, Office No. 129 (Lewis);

Supervising Deputy Attorney General Linda L. Sun, Office No. 42 (Judge Carol Rose).

Additionally, attorney Timothy D. Reuben has taken out, but not filed, a declaration for Office Nos. 72, 93 (by mistake), 129, and 150.

Candidates must make a final selection of a seat when filing nominating papers, due Dec. 6.


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