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Wednesday, January 24, 2018


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Superior Court Judge Nelsonís Retirement Will Create a Third Confirmed Open Seat


By a MetNews Staff Writer


A third open seat in the June 5 election has been identified, with Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mark G. Nelson Sr. saying that his retirement this year will not take place until after the Feb. 7 deadline for candidates to file declarations of intent to run for office.

The jurist said late Monday night that he will not leave the bench ďbefore Feb 28.Ē

That means voters will decide on his replacement, rather than the governor being able to fill a vacancy.

Nelsonís Office No. 71 will be up for grabs as well as Judge Roy Paulís Office No. 4 and Judge Donna Goldsteinís Office No. 67.

Judge William G. Willet has not indicated whether he will run despite ill health.

Known contenders for open seats are Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Alfred Coletta, Deputy Los Angeles City Attorney Onica Cole, and Assistant U.S. Attorney David DeJute of the Central District of California.

Although Feb. 7 is the deadline for filing declarations of intent, there is a five-day extension of the period for those offices where the incumbent did not file papers.


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