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Tuesday, June 5, 2018


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Committee for Judicial Candidate Spear Belatedly Files Its Financial Report


By a MetNews Staff Writer


The campaign committee for Deputy District Attorney Emily Theresa Spear, a candidate for the Los Angeles Superior Court in today’s election, yesterday submitted a campaign financial report that was due May 24.

It shows contributions of $18,019.81 and expenditures of $19,368.49. Her competitor, Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Armando Durón, previously reported taking in $154,601.20 (plus $1,127.22 in a late donation) and spending $71,016.53.

The form reflects total contributions from Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Carol Najera, through May 19, of $6.162.60. Spear ran Najera’s successful 2014 campaign against then-Judge James B. Pierce.

Explaining the lateness of the filing, campaign treasurer Gary Crummitt said:

“The 2nd pre-election report for 4/22-5/19 was electronically filed on 5/23, however, it had incorrect cover dates.  I just amended the report with the correct dates.”

Attorney Anthony Lewis, who is challenging Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Malcolm Mackey, has gone over the $2,000 mark in contributions, requiring that he form a committee, which he has done. The committee has $4948.74 in campaign donations, from three lawyers.

Mackey’s committee was given $79,490, with the funds coming primarily from judges.


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