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Monday, May 21, 2018


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Candidate Davis Disavows Responsibility for Error


By a MetNews Staff Writer


Deputy District Attorney Troy Davis said Friday he wants it known that he is not misrepresenting his credentials for election to Los Angeles Superior Court Office No. 118, disclaiming responsibility for an error on a slate mailer.

He said:

“An advertisement was recently sent by mail which contained an inadvertent typo by my campaign consultant.  It stated that I was a ‘20 year prosecutor,’ when, in fact, I have been a prosecutor for 10 years. I sincerely apologize for this inadvertent typo.”

Davis’s consultant is David Gould.

The misstatement on the slate mailer was pointed out by the other candidate in the race, criminal defense lawyer David D. Diamond. Queried about the matter, Davis told the MetNews that it was a matter of a typo, supplying a copy of a May 14 email to Gould, saying:

“Diamond is trying to characterize the publishing of the typo of my ‘20’ years of experience as if it were a deliberate attempt to mislead voters.  He has contacted the media regarding this clear typo by the publisher.

“Per our previous text conversation, you said it was obviously a mistake by the publisher.  I need a written acknowledgement that the mistake was made—an honest mistake.

“Clearly, all I have ever wanted was to portray nothing but the truth about myself. I want to ensure no mistake like this happens in any future publications of this or any other slate mailer.”

Davis has now concluded that the error was Gould’s.


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