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Tuesday, May 15, 2018


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Troy Davis

Los Angeles Superior Court Office No. 118


Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Troy Davis is young. He’s 39. June 4 will mark 11 years since was admitted to the State Bar. Yet, he possesses maturity and since being hired as a prosecutor in 2008, has handled 57 jury trials and is seen as a rising star in his office. Davis is ready for a judgeship.

His opponent, David D. Diamond, isn’t, and we doubt that he ever will be. He tried to get by with a ballot designation of “Police Commissioner/Attorney.” Davis brought a writ proceeding and won. Diamond is a member of the Burbank Police Commission, an advisory body that meets about eight times a year for one to two hours. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mary Strobel held that Diamond’s “service on the Commission is not a profession, vocation, or occupation and does not involve a substantial involvement of time and effort,” as required for a ballot designation, and that “his inclusion of ‘Police Commissioner’…in the ballot designation is misleading.” Diamond, however, portrays the decision as something nearing a victory because Strobel rejected one argument Davis’s lawyer put forth.


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