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Thursday, November 15, 2018


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IALA ‘Roasts’ Attorney Thomas P. Cacciatore


By a MetNews Staff Writer



Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Christopher Frisco was among eight persons slinging good-natured barbs at Pasadena attorney Thomas P. Cacciatore Tuesday night at a meeting of the Italian American Lawyers Association. Frisco and Cacciatore are both past presidents of the organization. Frisco remarked: “Like any good liberal attorney, Tom believes firmly in the Constitution—and especially the anti-Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. Tom adamantly opposes the posting of the Ten Commandments in any courthouse.” He playfully attributed to Cacciatore the position: “You cannot post ‘1) Thou shalt not steal.’ ‘2) Thou shalt not commit adultery,’ ‘3) Thou shalt not lie’ in a building full of lawyers, judges and politicians. It would create a hostile work environment.” Frisco also quipped that Cacciatore graduated from law school with a “4.0”—that not being his grade average, but his blood alcohol content.


Cacciatore responded, in kind, to his roasters. With respect to Frisco, he said he had heard that he was a “model judge.” Cacciatore said he looked up the word “model” and learned it meant a miniature version of something of merit. Among the roasters was former Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Philip Argento, who was in kindergarten with Cacciatore and has been a friend through the years. Others were persons with whom the veteran lawyer  has long been associated. Emceeing the event was former IALA President Jack Denove, who was himself recently “roasted” and has been inducted into the organization’s “Hall of Fame,” as has Cacciatore. IALA President Alice Salvo brought the meeting to order and made introductions of judges and past presidents in attendance.

Well-wishers hold up photos of Cacciatore mounted on sticks as he comes to the podium after his roasting.




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