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Monday, February 29, 2016


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S.C. Elects Four Commissioners From New List


By a MetNews Staff Writer


The Los Angeles Superior Court elected Timothy Weiner, Robert Wada, James Blancarte and Karin Borzakian as commissioners in balloting that ended Friday, court sources said.

The four are the first commissioners elected by the courtís judges from a new list of candidates selected by a judicial panel.

The courtís judges may, by rule, elect commissioners from the list in any order. But longstanding tradition provides that the candidates be elected in the order listed.

Weiner, a deputy attorney general, is a graduate of UC Santa Cruz and Southwestern Law School. He was admitted to the State Bar in 2000 and represents the state in criminal appeals and writ proceedings, and has handled felony prosecutions at the trial level as well.

Wada, a graduate of UCLA and Western State University School of Law, was a probate attorney when he was elected commissioner in 2008, then went back to a probate attorney position in 2011. He explained at the time that he was afraid he might be given a non-probate assignment, and he wanted to remain focused on the area of the law in which he had always specialized.

Blancarte is a litigator and employment lawyer and is of counsel to AlvaradoSmith, APC. He is a past president of the City of Los Angeles Fire Commission and the Mexican American Bar Association.

The Pomona College and UCLA School of Law graduate was admitted in 1979 and has been a frequent television commentator on legal issues, on both English- and Spanish-language stations.

Borzakian was admitted to the State Bar in 1998. Among the defendants she has prosecuted is a San Fernando Valley massage therapist charged with sexually abusing three clients.  

She is a graduate of UCLA and Pepperdine University School of Law.


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