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Friday, February 27, 2015


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Dan Potter Named Clerk of Sixth District Court of Appeal


By a MetNews Staff Writer


Dan Potter, longtime assistant clerk/administrator of the Second District Court of Appeal, is leaving that post next week to become clerk/administrator of the Sixth District Court of Appeal, the 34-year-court employee told the MetNews yesterday.

•“I’m going to become the Joseph Lane of San Jose,” he quipped, referring to his longtime boss.

•Potter, 55, said his last day at his current post will be next week, and he will begin his new post March 16. He succeeds Michael Yerly, who retired a year ago.

•Potter explained that the San Jose-based court contacted him around the time of Yerly’s retirement, but that he initially hesitated because he has a daughter in high school here. But his daughter is graduating this spring, and since the position wasn’t filled earlier, he actively sought it and was chosen, he said.

•Corrine Yochop, who was Yerly’s top assistant, has been filling the post on an interim basis. But she has retirement plans of her own and did not seek the appointment, Potter said.

•Potter has been Lane’s top assistant for 22 years, and leaving the court for the top job in San Jose “is certainly bittersweet,” he said. “Not only am I leaving friends and colleagues, but the justices of this court, who are very dear to me.”

•He added that he was “taking his Second District Court of Appeal directory” with him, however, and was taking solace know that “everybody is just a phone call away.”

•Potter noted that he was born and raised in Los Angeles and has “been to San Jose three times in my entire life,” although he has visited San Francisco frequently on court business. He eventually plans to retire in this area, he said, although he has no idea when that will be.

•The Sixth District is the smallest of California’s appellate courts, with seven justices—the Second District has 32—and about 45 employees, compared with 250 at his present court.


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