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Tuesday, February 10, 2015


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Attorney Yarnall Tells Cowboy Lawyers of Wedding Plans


By a MetNews Staff Writer


Hombres eatin’ grub in Heritage Court at the Autry last Saturday night were made mighty happy when lawyer Dee Yarnall sashayed up to the mike and told her compadres in the Cowboy Lawyers Association that she and sidekick Jeff Brooks will be getting hitched in April.

She told ’em that Brooks—an hombre who works UBS Financial Services in these here parts and has the title of “director”—proposed to her a short spell ago on one of them Cowboy Lawyer horseback rides.

Well, folks at the shindig then kicked up their heels and danced to western music played by the Steve Woods Band. And a lot of them made their way over to the betrothed wranglers to wish ’em “happy trails.”

Below is one of them new-fangled digital-Daguerreotypes of the two:



Yarnall has her shingle a’hanging at her office in Santa Clarita, and also learns students how to argue cases, teaching oral advocacy at Glendale University College of Law, where she got her own sheepskin awhile back.

Jim Nichols, who’s with an outfit called Bonne Jones Bridges, was also a happy feller. He was sworn in, for the fourth time, as Cowboy Lawyers president.

He was the first of them presidents and had a heap lot to do with the band of horse-riding lawyers being formed.

Here he is with Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Rita “Sunny” Miller next to him. (Now, let’s get it straight that he plunked hisself down at the table for a short spell just to say “howdy,” then hopped, quick, back to the table with his wife.)



A whole bunch of guys and gals who had been president were there, whoopin’ it up. Here’s two of them—Mary Bennett Denove and Jack Denove, who’s podners in both law and marriage:



The next Cowboy Lawyers ride will be March 28 in Caspers Wilderness Park in San Juan Capistrano, nine days after the swallows are expected to be arriving back there after wandering somewhere, yonder. Ride bosses are going to be cowpersons Laura Taylor, Alyssa Schabloski, and Brian Faulkner.


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