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Thursday, May 29, 2014


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Debra L. Losnick

Los Angeles Superior Court Office No. 54


Jacqueline Lewis

Los Angeles Superior Court Office No. 61


We would really like to see Deputy District Attorneys Shannon Knight and Dayan Mathai ascend to Los Angeles Superior Court judgeships. Their performance as prosecutors, their conscientiousness and intelligence, render them deserving of that post.

While we see in them enormous potential, the fact is that each is running in the same race as a Los Angeles Superior Court commissioner who does not merely have the potential of becoming outstanding bench officers, they already are.

Through years of able service as subordinate judicial officers, Debra Losnick and Jacqueline Lewis warrant a promotion to judgeships. While both are highly regarded, Lewis, in particular, stands out as a judicial “super star,” as she is termed in a performance evaluation.

Knight makes the point that if she is elected, voters would have her services as a judicial officer, and still have the services of Losnick who presumably would remain a commissioner. Under that reasoning, however, commissioners, no matter how outstanding their performance, should always lose to any opponent who is qualified for a judgeship. We don’t believe that to be reasonable.

We urge the election of Losnick and Lewis, and implore the governor to act favorably on the applications for appointment by Knight and Mathai.

(There is a third candidate in the race for Office No. 61 who does not warrant discussion.)


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