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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


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Claim That Brown Will Not Appoint DDAs to Judgeships Labeled ‘Pure Fiction’ by Governor’s Spokesperson




A prosecutor/blogger’s claim that Gov. Jerry Brown “has banned the appointment of any Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorneys to become judges of the Superior Court” is “pure fiction,” a spokesperson for the governor told the MetNews yesterday.

Deputy District Attorney David Berger, posting as “Joe Friday” on, is “factually challenged,” the spokesperson added.

Berger’s post reads:

“The Dragnet has learned that California Governor Jerry Brown has banned the appointment of any Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorneys to become judges of the Superior Court.

“The move from the septuagenarian Democrat is believed to be a ‘tit for tat’ backlash reaction to the results of the June primary election where almost all Deputy District Attorneys running for Los Angeles County Superior Court were democratically elected; 13 Deputy District Attorneys will become Judges in January as a result of the voter’s choices, a 14th faces a run-off in November.

“Brown…was said to have descended into an apoplectic rage upon learning that judges had deliberately announced their retirements during the period when the electorate decides replacements, thus denying the…Governor appointment power….

“The…backlash ban on the appointment of any more prosecutors to the Superior Court has had an immediate impact on two LA County Deputy District Attorneys who had been ‘given the word’ that their appointment was imminent, only to be told that the Governor had changed his mind. One is understood to be a Deputy District Attorney who had filed papers for appointment following the appointment of a spouse. The life-long Democrat with close ties to the Latino community was said to be ‘shaken and dismayed’ at the Governor’s betrayal, and was ‘considering options,’ including, perhaps, a run for an open seat in the 2016 primary, as well as a transfer to a more dynamic assignment to support a more attractive ballot title.

“Brown’s ban on appointing prosecutors as judges has so far failed to attract the attention of the mainstream media. However, Governor Moonbeam’s apparent disapproval of, and lack of faith in, the electoral process could upset his hopes for reelection in November. Many fear that [Brown] is hell bent on paying back Californian voters for 1986 when voters ousted Supreme Court Justice Rose Bird - one of Brown’s proudest judicial appointments. Brown, it seems, is determined to leave a legacy of liberal, light-on-crime activist judges as the light fades on the Moonbeam.”

The Field poll last month showed Brown with a 52-32 lead over Republican opponent Neel Kashkari.

A review by the MetNews shows that Brown has appointed one district attorney and 17 deputy district attorneys to the superior courts, including five deputy district attorneys in Los Angeles County, since taking office. He has also appointed 10 assistant U.S. attorneys.


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