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Tuesday, December 24, 2013


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C.A. Orders Unsealing of Documents in Jackson Case


By a MetNews Staff Writer


A number of sealed documents in a writ proceeding growing out of the wrongful death litigation between Michael Jackson’s family and estate and concert promoter AEG Live have been ordered unsealed by the Court of Appeal for this district.

In an order filed Friday, Div. Five said there was little reason to keep medical records, financial information pertaining to witnesses, and pretrial motions in limine under seal in the appellate court. Presiding Justice Paul A. Turner noted that most of the documents were ordered unsealed by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Yvette Palazuelos months ago, that her orders were not challenged in the appellate court, and that the medical information is therefore already public.

“Further, much of this information was discussed during the trial in People v. [Conrad] Murray,” Turner noted.

As for the business records, none of them appear to implicate significant privacy interests, Turner said, although bank account and social security numbers must be redacted.

The documents were filed in the Court of Appeal in connection with a writ petition by the defendants challenging the judge’s partial denial of their summary judgment motion. The writ was denied in March.

The defendants won a jury verdict in the case last fall. The plaintiffs filed a notice of intent to move for a new trial earlier this month. 


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