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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


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Attorney Denove, Judge Murphy Provide Snapshots


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Jack Denove, of the law firm of Cheong, Denove, Rowell & Bennett, a past president of the Italian American Lawyers Association, has provided some shots he took at the IALA’s dinner last Thursday.

It featured a debate between the two candidates for Los Angeles district attorney, Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey, at left, and Deputy District Alan Jackson, right. At center is retired U.S. District Judge George Schiavelli, a past IALA president. Below are the candidates holding up shirts, with which they were presented, bearing the IALA logo.


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A crowd of more than 200 attended the event. Among them were, as seen in the adjacent photo, from left, Court of Appeal Presiding Justice Paul Arthur Turner of this district’s Div. Five; attorney and civic leader Lee Kanon Alpert; his wife, Arlene Alpert; and Deputy Attorney General Stephen A. Mesi, IALA president. Others in attendance included Court of Appeal Presiding Justice Robert Mallano of this district’s Div. One, retired Court of Appeal Justice Jack Goertzen, Los Angeles Superior Court Presiding Judge-Elect David Wesley, and Judges Mary Ann Murphy and Randolph Hammock.


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Mary Ann Murphy, a judge of the Los Angeles Superior Court, provided the shot at left—which she took Thursday from the rooftop of the Stanley Mosk Courthouse—showing the space shuttle Endeavor flying over City Hall.

The judge’s late father, Edward J. Murphy, worked on the space shuttle as well as the Lunar Excursion Module that landed on the moon.

In an e-mail, Murphy reflects on Thursday’s event:

“It was a bright sunny day in Los Angeles. At 11:30 a.m., workers were on the rooftops of buildings throughout downtown Los Angeles, looking up at the sky of the first glimpse of the Space Shuttle Endeavor, on its last journey. Suddenly, people started saying ‘It’s coming!’ There it was! We clapped and cheered, as others did all over Los Angeles. So proud of what we have accomplished. Proud to be an American.”


Monsignor Charles J. Chaffman, judicial vicar of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, issued a memorandum last Friday inviting “All Members of the Legal Community” to attend the 30th Annual Red Mass on Oct., 4, at 5:30 p.m.

It will be held at Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, at 555 W. Temple Street, in the Los Angeles Civic Center.

A reception will follow in the Cathedral Conference Center, Chaffman advised.

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Information is available by telephoning 626-914-8942 or e-mailing

Information is online at That website notes that the Red Mass harks to the 13th Century in London, elaborating:

“From the time of Edward I, the mass was offered at Westminster Abbey at the opening of the Michaelmas term [first term of the academic year]. It received its name from the fact that the celebrant was vested in red and the Lord High justices were robed in brilliant scarlet. They were joined by the university professors with doctors among them displaying red in their academic gowns.”

The website adds:

“The inauguration of the Red Mass in the United States occurred in New York City on October 6, 1928. This mass was celebrated at Old St. Andrew’s Church on Duane Street. Other localities followed and now over 25 cities witness this testimonial of faith each year, and the trend is on the increase. In the United States not only Catholic, but also Protestant and Jewish members of the judiciary and legal profession, attend the mass.”

St. Thomas More is “a special patron of the Red Mass in Los Angeles,” the website says, explaining:

“For American lawyers, the life of St. Thomas More has become a model for men and women trained in the heritage of English common law. St. Thomas More… stood alone and gave his life for his principles.”

The lawyer and former lord chancellor of England was executed on July 6, 1535 for treason, having refused to recognize supremacy of the king over the pope.


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