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Friday, June 22, 2012


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DA’s Office to Receive $5.9 Million Grant


The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office will receive $5.9 million in 2012-13 to boost its efforts to probe and prosecute workers compensation insurance fraud, state Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones said yesterday.

Each California county other than Plumas will receive some funds from the $32 million earmarked for anti-workers comp fraud efforts, with Los Angeles to have the highest allocation.

Orange County will get $3.6 million, San Bernardino will be awarded $2.2 million, Riverside will be handed $1.5 million, and San Diego will collect $4.5 million.

Jones said:

“Without question, workers’ compensation insurance fraud is problem that brings a significant cost with it in California. During any time, but especially during these challenging economic times, this type of fraud places a significant added burden on the system. We have an obligation to provide protection to injured workers who require both care and compensation so they are able to get back to work as quickly as possible, while also rooting out fraud perpetrated by those seeking to game the system.”

A press release spelled out:

“Every year, the Fraud Assessment Commission determines the grant funding based on assessments placed on California employers. [California Department of Insurance] leads the Workers’ Compensation Grant Review Panel that reviews and makes grant funding recommendations based on multiple criteria including previous year performance based on application submitted by counties. Subsequently, the panel then sends a recommendation to the Insurance Commissioner who either accepts or amends the panel’s recommendation. Upon completion, the Commissioner’s recommendation is submitted to the Fraud Assessment Commission for their advice and consent.”

Los Angeles County Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey has received the endorsement of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party in her quest for election as district attorney.

She is facing off with Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson in the Nov. 6 runoff election. Although the election is a nonpartisan one, an endorsement of Jackson, a Republican, would have been unlikely.

A press release issued yesterday quotes Los Angeles County Democratic Party Chair Eric C. Bauman as saying:

“Jackie Lacey has the prosecutorial and executive experience to be a first-class District Attorney. She will demand that LA’s criminal justice system uphold the Democratic values of justice and equality for all, while promoting innovative approaches and solutions to the prosecution and disposition of criminal cases. The Los Angeles County Democratic Party proudly endorses Jackie Lacey for District Attorney.”

The press release comments:

“Lacey is the only Democrat in the countywide race. More than half of Los Angeles County’s voters are registered Democrats. They represent 51 percent of the electorate compared to just 23 percent for Republicans. LACDP’s endorsements in local and municipal races become the official endorsements of the California Democratic Party.

“Lacey is endorsed by a broad bipartisan coalition led by Republican District Attorney Steve Cooley and 62,000 front-line law enforcement officers. She also is endorsed by the Los Angeles Times and the Daily News.”

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Joseph DeVanon will no longer be handling trials, according to an announcement yesterday by the Pasadena Bar Assn.

It says:

“Due to budget constraints, Department S has been closed and Judge DeVanon’s cases have been reassigned. While everyone was extremely disappointed to lose Judge DeVanon as a trial judge, the positive to come from the court closure is that he is now serving as a dedicated MSC judge. Any case in Pasadena, and likely any case in Burbank or Glendale as well, upon request can be scheduled with Judge DeVanon for MSC. He will be only handling one case in the morning and one in the afternoon (no double bookings) and if the case complexity justifies it, he is willing to schedule the matter for the entire day. MSCs can be set directly by the trial judge or you can call the Judicial Secretary, Mirtha Hernandez, at (626) 356-5651. Briefs can be submitted via email to Judge DeVanon at a dedicated email address:”


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