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Monday, August 13, 2012


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Marine Captain Manoukian, Son of Jurists, Dies in Afghanistan


By a MetNews Staff Writer


Marine Captain Matthew Manoukian, son of Sixth District Court of Appeal Justice Patricia Bamattre-Manoukian and Santa Clara Superior Court Judge Socrates “Peter” Manoukian, has died in action in Afghanistan.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Charles McCoy—son of a career Marine Corps officer who himself served as a Marine Corps Military Police instructor in Vietnam—said yesterday, in response to a request for comment that Manoukian was “among the bravest of the brave.”

McCoy, his court’s immediate past presiding judge, declared:

“Marines around the world, and at home, mourn his loss. Those who served in Special Operations alongside him will revere his memory for a lifetime.”

He added:

“Semper Fidelis Captain Manoukian.”

Manoukian was a graduate of St. Francis High School. The school on Friday afternoon released this statement by President Kevin Makley:

 “Our thoughts and prayers are with the Manoukian family. This is a devastating loss. Matt was a popular student-athlete and a strong leader. He was also an active member of our Alumni Association and frequently attended football games and other special events. His dedication to our country and the conviction with which served the Marines make him an inspiration to us all. Our entire Saint Francis community will profoundly miss him.” reported:

“On the judge’s Facebook page, there is an image of him with his arm around a young man wearing a dark blue polo shirt. A post he made to a friend on May 27 regarding the image was: ‘Yes I am proud of him. May he come home safe.’”


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