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Thursday, March 15, 2012


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Registrar Rejects Candidate’s Proposed Ballot Designations




A former Los Angeles deputy city attorney, now in private practice and a candidate for the Los Angeles Superior Court, cannot be listed as “Retired Criminal Prosecutor” or “Retired City Attorney” on the June ballot, the registrar-recorder said.

In a form letter dated yesterday, a copy of which was obtained by the MetNews, Registrar-Recorder Dean Logan informed Kenneth R. Hughey that the “Retired Criminal Prosecutor” designation, which was the candidate’s first choice,  “appears to be unacceptable under California Elections Code Sec. 13107 [because it] [f]ails to state principal profession(s), vocation(s) or occupation(s) within [the] three (3) word limit.”

The letter said it was :imperative” that the candidate call the office’s Election Planning Section to either document the choice or provide an alternative designation. The letter also informed Hughey that his second choice, “Retired City Attorney,” “is not acceptable,” and that if he does not contact the registrar within three days, he will be listed on the ballot with no designation at all.

Neither Hughey, who now has a solo practice in Long Beach, nor his campaign consultant, Patrick Furey, could be reached for comment.

Hughey, a Tennessee native, is challenging Judge James Otto. The 79-year-old Hughey is a former fighter pilot who flew more than 500 combat missions, Vietnam prisoner of war, and aerospace administrator who retired from Hughes Space and Missile Division in 1995 to devote himself to his legal studies, which he began the previous year at University of West Los Angeles School of Law.


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