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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


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Nine Superior Court Commissioners to Step Down Under Voluntary Separation Program




Nine Los Angeles Superior Court commissioners will step down under the voluntary separation program announced by the court last month, a spokesperson said.

Monday was the deadline for electing to participate. But the court will not make the list official until Dec. 30, the spokesperson said, in part because those who made the decision have seven days to revoke it.

In addition, there are some circumstances, such as a judicial appointment from the governor, that might render any of the nine ineligible, the spokesperson explained.

Three commissioners—Robert Axel, Stanley Genser, and A. Michael Kautz—have previously confirmed their participation in the program to the MetNews. A source within the court system, who is not authorized to discuss the matter and requested anonymity, identified Commissioners Armando Moreno, Richard Brand, Gary Bounds, Rita Baird, and Barry Kohn as being among the others.

The program, a response to the court’s extraordinary financial crisis, offered an incentive for up to 30 commissioners to step down before the end of the year. Eligible participants will separate Dec. 30 and receive a one-time payment of six months’ salary.

Presiding Judge Lee Edmon recently told the MetNews that the court stood to save $7,071,570 annually, starting in fiscal year 2012-13, if 30 commissioners had opted to separate.


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