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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


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Trujillo Raises $250,000 for District Attorney Campaign


By a MetNews Staff Writer


Deputy District Attorney Mario Trujillo has amassed a war chest for his campaign to become the county’s top prosecutor which more than doubles the totals reported by three of his opponents.

According to filings with the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder, Trujillo has garnered $254,111.90 in the first half of this year and made a $10,000 loan to himself. After spending $35,931.54 during the reporting period, he was left with a total of $233,084.67.

A spokesperson for Chief Deputy District Attorney Jacqueline Lacey’s campaign yesterday said she had raised $101,059 and spent $14,350, leaving her with $86,709 on hand. The spokesperson declined to provide a copy of the report, citing a desire to protect the privacy of donors’ addresses.

Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers has reported $68,904 in contributions, and expenses of $15,344.21, leaving her with $54,700.68. Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson’s amended report said he collected $111,810 in contributions during this reporting period, and made outlays of $118,911. However, he had a beginning balance of $107,205.69, so he was left with $88,573 on hand.

Neither Meyers nor Jackson reported any loans.

Among the 530 donors listed on Trujillo’s report were 223 members of the legal community, including Los Angeles Superior Court Judges Peter Espinoza, Robert Higa, Yvette Palazuelos, Olivia Rosales, Raul Sahagun, Yvonne Sanchez and Teresa Sanchez-Gordon.

Meyers’s report indicated that 110 of her 159 financial backers were attorneys and law firms, while 70 of Jackson’s 210 listed supporters were identified as lawyers and firms.

Bench support for Meyers also came from Judges Allen Webster and Yvette Verastegui, and Commissioner Matthew St. George. Judge Arthur Lew and retired Judge William Pounders gave to Jackson.

Trujillo’s earnings are surpassed by those reported by City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, who has formed an “exploratory committee” but has not formally entered the race. A consultant for Trutanich previously told the MetNews that the committee had received $507,000 from 700 donors.

Campaign reports were due on Monday by the close of business but were not yet available online for all of the candidates yesterday. Requests have been made for reports from the remaining candidates.

 County officials said they were experiencing some technical difficulties, but that reports should be available by Friday. Also, for the candidates who did not file electronically, their information would need to be inputted manually, which will delay release of those reports.


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