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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


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Silberman Voir Dire Set to Begin Tomorrow


By a MetNews Staff Writer


Questioning of prospective jurors is set to begin tomorrow in the trial of a Los Angeles Superior Court judge charged with  offering a financial inducement to his opponent in the 2008 election.

Orange Superior Court Richard King is presiding over the trial of Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Harvey Silberman, at the Foltz Criminal Justice Center downtown. King has been specially assigned to the Los Angeles Superior Court for the case.

Several dozen venire members appeared in King’s borrowed third floor courtroom yesterday to fill out questionnaires. The judge admonished them not to look at media coverage or discuss the case, and specifically not to research the facts on the Internet.

Silberman was indicted just over two years ago, along with campaign consultants Evelyn Jerome Alexander and Randy Steinberg. Alexander and Steinberg recently pled guilty to misdemeanor conspiracy charges and agreed to cooperate with the prosecution.

 Silberman is charged with violation of Elections Code Sec. 18205, solicitation to induce a person not to become a candidate for public office, a felony. Silberman has been barred by the state Constitution from sitting as a judge while under felony indictment but retains his title, salary, and benefits.

Silberman, who was a Superior Court Commissioner at the time, and was a legal services lawyer before that, defeated Deputy District Attorney Serena Murillo in June 2008 for an open seat on the court. He has insisted that he never offered Murillo anything to quit the race, and that if the consultants did so, it was without his knowledge or approval.


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