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Monday, March 15, 2010


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Final List of Candidates for Los Angeles Superior Court


By a MetNews Staff Writer


The following is the list of candidates running for Los Angeles Superior Court judge whose names will appear on the June 8 primary ballot. Friday was the last day for candidates to file their final nomination documents.

Six races will be contested in the election.

Occupational designations are those supplied to the registrar of voters by each candidate at the time of filing nomination documents.


No.           Candidate                                       Occupational Designation   

28              Mark K. Ameli                              Arbitrator/Mediator/Litigator 

                  Chris Garcia                                 Criminal Prosecutor     

                  Randy Hammock                          Superior Court Referee 

                  C. Edward Mack                          Criminal Trial Attorney

                  Elizabeth Moreno                        Arbitrator/Mediator      

                  Edward J. Nison                          Criminal Homicide Prosecutor        

                  Kendall C. (Ken) Reed                Attorney/Arbitrator/Mediator  

                  Kim Smith                                    Criminal Prosecutor

35              Soussan (Suzanne) Bruguera    Superior Court Judge

                  Douglas W. Weitzman                Public Rights Attorney 

73              Marvin G. Fischler                    Attorney/Mediator/Arbitrator  

                  Laura A. Matz                               Superior Court Judge   

107            R. Stephen Bolinger                  Juvenile Advocate Attorney     

                  Tony de los Reyes                        Attorney/Hearing Officer        

                  Valerie Salkin                              Gang Prosecutor

117            Tom Griego                                Criminal Prosecutor     

                  William M. Margolin                Consumer Trial Attorney        

                  Alan Schneider                            Gang Homicide Prosecutor    

                  Pattricia M. Vienna                    Attorney-at-Law

131            Jim Garo Baklayan                   Civil Litigation Attorney         

                  Maren Elizabeth Nelson            Superior Court Judge


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