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Friday, October 29, 2010


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 Meg Whitman

            California Governor


Meg Whitman has no experience in government, has so little interest in government that she has seldom voted, and has no plan for California. She is seeking to buy the governorship.

We endorse her for one simple reason: her opponent is Jerry Brown.

As governor in 1975-83, he sabotaged the judiciary. He appointed one unfit lawyer after another to judicial posts, only occasionally appointing someone who was worthy. He took an aide who had no judicial experience—who was, in fact, unaccomplished in law—and made her chief justice.

The judiciary wound up in turmoil, with the entire state Supreme Court undergoing an investigation by the Commission on Judicial Performance, and voters rejecting the reconfirmation bids by Chief Justice Rose Bird and two of her Brown-appointed cohorts.

Brown should not be forgiven for what he did to the state.

He may be older now, but a leopard doesn’t change spots. The man who was known as “Governor Moonbeam” should not be returned the office he disgraced once before.


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