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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


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Lead Expands as Registrar Updates Count in Judicial Race


By a MetNews Staff Writer


Deputy District Attorney Thomas Rubinson has added more than 1,000 votes to his lead in a close judicial race as election officials continue to count absentee and provisional ballots from last week’s election, figures released yesterday showed.

As of 4:49 p.m. yesterday, Rubinson led Superior Court Referee Cynthia Loo by a vote of 1,109,447 to 1,067,917, or 50.95 percent to 49.05 percent.

Rubinson and Loo were the runoff candidates for the Los Angeles Superior Court judgeship from which Judge Wendell Mortimer Jr. retired in April.

When election workers went home in the early hours of Wednesday morning, Rubinson led by 40,322 votes; that has now stretched to 41,530, although his percentage of the tabulated vote has slipped by .07 percent.

The Rubinson-Loo race was by far the closest of five judicial contests, with deputy district attorneys leading in all of them. Margins in the other four races ranged from 130,000 to more than 500,000.

Officials are scheduled to update the returns again on Friday and to announce final results by Nov. 26.


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