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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


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Riverside Superior Court Judge Joins Judicial Council


By a MetNews Staff Writer


Riverside Superior Court Judge Sharon J. Waters has been named to the California Judicial Council for a term beginning January 1, officials have announced.

The commission announced Friday that Waters will fill a vacancy created by the elevation of Santa Clara Superior Court Judge Jamie Jacobs-May to presiding judge of the Santa Clara Superior Court.

In keeping with the Judicial Councilís practice, May will step down as a council member to allow her more time to lead and advocate for her r court and to handle the many administrative responsibilities involved in her new position as presiding judge, officials said.

The council is the policymaking body of the state courts and is chaired by Chief Justice Ronald George. It consists of 14 judicial members appointed by the Chief Justice, four attorney members appointed by the State Bar Board of Governors, one member from each house of the Legislature, and six advisory members, including the California Judges Association president.

Members serve staggered three-year terms, and Watersí term will end September 14, the final date of the term to which Jacobs-May was appointed.†††

Waters has served on the Riverside Superior Court since 1998, and served as the courtís presiding judge in 2005.

†Previously Waters chaired the Judicial Councilís Trial Court Presiding Judges Advisory Committee and served as an advisory member of the council.

She is a member of councilís Task Force on Judicial Selection and Retention, the Commission for Impartial Courts, the Interim Commission on Civil Fees, and the Presiding Judge and Court Executive Committee of the Center for Judicial Education and Research.

Additionally, Waters serves on the Bench Bar Coalition and is a former member of the councilís Trial Court Budget Working Group, the Enhanced Civil Assessments Working Group, and the Access and Fairness Advisory Committee.


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