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Friday, June 8, 2007


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Attorney to Conduct Junior Philharmonic Orchestra


Special to the MetNews  from a Correspondent


Gary S. Greene is a litigation attorney who has, since his induction into the State Bar in 1975, made numerous appearances in court. He’ll be making an appearance on Sunday in quite a different forum: the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Greene will be conducting the Junior Philharmonic Orchestra of California in its 70th annual concert. The musicians will be young persons, up to the age of 25.

A second orchestra will be comprised of orchestra alumni.

Expected to be present to receive honors is Greene’s uncle, Ernst Katz, who founded the orchestra on Jan. 22, 1937. Last year, Katz was scheduled to conduct; unable to do so, he was on stage for much of the performance while Greene waived the did celebrities, each taking a turn as a guest conductor in a “battle of the batons.” 

Greene says he was inspired at a young age by his uncle. He began his music career by playing the violin and then making his way up into becoming concertmaster.

After meeting with former U.S. President Harry Truman at age 10, Greene recalls, he decided to study law in preparation of becoming a politician. Although Greene now specializes in litigation, real estate and personal injury, he says he hasn’t discarded the idea of running for political office in the future.

Greene says his practice of law and a passion for music are foundations for a harmonious lifestyle.

He literally switches hats at the end of a long day and finds time to run his family’s hat business. Too, he dedicates 10 to 40 hours a week to mentor young musicians.  

The lawyer expresses the view that music education should not have been taken out of the public schools

“The problem with today’s youth is that they are not given the opportunity to be exposed to music, to learn and perform,” Greene remarks.

He is not only a lawyer, conductor and mentor, but also enjoys traveling, photography, and playing his violin as a way to relieve everyday stress.

On Sunday, a full house is expected. Tickets to the annual event, though free, are hard to obtain.

All five members of the Board of Supervisors are expected to attend.


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