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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


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Daviann L. Mitchell
            Los Angeles Superior Court Office No. 18


There are six candidates for this office. Two are worthy of election: Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Daviann L. Mitchell and Los Angeles Deputy City Attorney Richard H. Loomis.

Mitchell and Loomis are both seasoned attorneys, and principled ones. Loomis has the advantage of experience in both civil and criminal law, while Mitchell’s experience has been nearly entirely in the criminal courts. But we discern from Mitchell’s spirited campaign, contrasted with the lackadaisical one put on by Loomis, that Mitchell has more drive, that she’s more inclined to roll up her sleeves and get a job done.

We view three of the candidates—Workers Compensation Judge John C. Gutierrez and attorneys Richard A. Nixon and Stephen Feldman—as unqualified for the office they seek, and attorney David Crawford III as marginally qualified.


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