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Friday, February 10, 2006


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Where Else but California?




(The writer represents the 66th Assembly District which includes portions of western Riverside County and northern San Diego County.)


Where else but our socialist paradise? Three bills before the Legislature this week demonstrate just how out of touch the Legislative majority really is.

First, AB 1418 by Jerome Horton. Last year, Republicans wanted to list the names and addresses of child molesters on the internet so that parents could protect their children from the sexual predators in their neighborhoods. The listing was a common sense approach for parents whom, with information about sexual predators, could take steps to protect their children from these evil perpetrators.

The Democrats were afraid these predators would be harassed or embarrassed by people in the neighborhood who would now know where the predators lived. I donít think harassing these perverts is permissible, but I do believe that people need to have the information to protect their children.

Compare this concern by the legislative majority for child molesters with the intent of AB 1418. AB 1418 would put the names and addresses of tax delinquents on the internet so that, in the words of the author (a member of the legislative majority), they would be embarrassed into paying their taxes. I am not a fan of tax delinquents, but they do not pose a threat to the public safety. People donít have to protect their children from tax delinquents. So, why is harassing tax delinquents permissible, but harassing child molesters not?

Next, AB 673 by Johan Klehs, which would raise taxes on gasoline because oil companies are making too much money. Oil companies make about 20 cents profit on every gallon of gasoline. Government makes 62 cents profit in taxes from every gallon of gas, even though it doesnít explore, refine or distribute the gas. In fact, the sales tax on gasoline has doubled since the price of gas doubled in the last two years.

You havenít heard anyone claim that it is a good thing for government to return this windfall profit. So, the best way to reduce the price of gas is by increasing taxes? How about decreasing taxes on gas to reduce the price of gas? Government makes more profit than the oil companies, yet it always wants more.

Finally, AB 674 by Johan Klehs, which would change how farmers pay for their diesel Government supposedly collects diesel fuel taxes to pay to build roads. Farmers have argued that since they donít drive their tractors on roads, they shouldnít have to pay taxes on that diesel. Farmers got an exemption from those taxes, but in order to get that exemption on regular diesel (as opposed to the special farmer diesel), a special system of taxation was set up. Government, ever greedy for its money, requires the oil companies to pay the tax before it is sold to the farmers (unlike every other product, where the tax is collected on the retail sale of the product).

Since farmers get an exemption (and they have a very effective lobby), the farmers donít have to pay the tax on the sale. So, the oil companies have to apply for a rebate. In essence, the oil companies give the government an interest free loan until after the sale to the farmers. AB 674 would have required the farmers to give the government that interest free loan. Why doesnít the government wait to collect the taxes until the sale, like in every other transaction? Unfortunately, the farmers and the oil companies fought with each other over this law, when the real problem was government greed, not oil company greed.

My leftist friends think the way to run our government is to go after our taxpayers, and let the child molesters go. Arenít you glad you live in this socialist paradise?


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