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Tuesday, November 7, 2006


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Campaigns Draw to Close as Spending Exceeds $1 Million Mark

Superior Court Hopeful Hayden Zacky Reports Over $361,000, Apparently Becoming Highest-Spending Candidate Ever


By a MetNews Staff Writer


The eight candidates seeking election to the Los Angeles Superior Court in today’s runoff voting have spent more than $1 million on their campaigns, with one race apparently setting a record for the most money spent in a judicial campaign in this county.

Final pre-election reports, which were due last Thursday and cover receipts and expenditures through Oct. 21, show that the eight have raised at least $1,007,938.99 and spent $1,170,994.71, which includes unpaid accumulated debt. Candidates need not report again until the end of January, when they must report contributions and spending through the end of the year.

The highest-spending contest is for the seat vacated by Judge Marion Johnson, who retired last month. Deputy District Attorney Hayden Zacky reported raising $224,462 to date and spending $361,202.51, meaning that the campaign is running at a substantial deficit.

Zacky initially seeded the campaign with a family loan of $300,000, half of which has been repaid. The remaining $150,000 is included in the fundraising total.

Most of Zacky’s expenditures have been for slate mail, both in the primary and the runoff. Most of that money was committed before the latest reporting period, but he has purchased about $13,000 in additional slate mailers in the last three weeks.

Zacky’s final total will apparently exceed the record set two years ago by Deputy District Attorney Judith L. Meyer in her unsuccessful race against then-Commissioner Donna Groman. Meyer ran again this year, spent substantially less, won election, and is now serving by way of appointment from the governor.

Zacky’s opponent, attorney George Montgomery, had not filed a report for the last period, official said. His previous report showed that he had raised, and spent, about $135,000 through Sept. 30.

In other races:

•Deputy District Attorney Daviann Mitchell, seeking the seat vacated by Judge Michael Knight, reported contributions of $192,412.35 and $181,763.03, making her the high spender in the races, next to Zacky. Her opponent, John Gutierrez, reported raising $71,909.51 and spending $90,965.68, the deficit representing over $19,000 still owed to Cerrell Associates, Inc., which served as his consultant in the primary.

CAI President Hal Dash said that Gutierrez has made a repayment arrangement with the firm.

•In the contest to replace Judge Charles Rubin, who retired in April, Los Angeles Deputy City Attorney Deborah Sanchez has raised $45,507.21 and spent $46,530.02. Her opponent, state Deputy Attorney General Bob Henry, reported raising $29, 567 and spending $36,784.17.

•In the race to succeed retired Judge Paula Mabrey, Deputy District Attorney David Stuart has raised $131,943.92 and spent $149,444.88, while Los Angeles Deputy City Attorney Janis Levart Barquist reported raising $175,137 and spending $169,304.42.


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