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Thursday, June 8, 2006


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Re-Endorsements in Judicial Races


Daviann L. Mitchell
            Los Angeles Superior Court Office No. 18

Hayden Zacky
            Los Angeles Superior Court Office No. 102

 David W. Stuart
            Los Angeles Superior Court Office No. 144

We endorsed these candidates in the primary, and re-endorse them now as they head into their campaigns for election in the Nov. 7 run-off.

Mitchell, a deputy district attorney dedicated to her work, clearly is worthy of a judgeship; her opponent, Workers Compensation Judge John Gutierrez, is not. A sincere man, he simply does not possess sufficient legal knowledge to be able to handle the job.

Zacky, a bright and respected deputy district attorney, is pitted against George C. Montgomery, a sly, deceptive litigator who lacks credentials for a judicial office.

Those two races are easy to call. The one between Stuart, a deputy district attorney, and Deputy Los Angeles City Attorney Janice Barquist, is not. Both are able and quite intelligent. We continue to believe that Stuart, based on his experience, attainment, maturity and judgment, is the better choice between two excellent contenders.


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