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Wednesday, April 6, 2005


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State Bar Admits Blunder on Board Candidates


By a MetNews Staff Writer


The State Bar sent out a list of candidates for the State Bar Board of Governors with an error in it, resulting in incorrect information being published in yesterday’s METNEWS, an official acknowledged yesterday.

The list released after noon on Monday had Los Angeles attorney Marty O’Toole running for the seat being vacated by Century City attorney David Marcus, when he had in fact he had filed for the seat now held by Deputy District Attorney Steven Ipsen.

He realized that a mistake had been made, O’Toole explained yesterday, when he received a candidate roster from the State Bar by e-mail. When he called, he said, a bar official checked and discovered that a clerical error had been made.

A corrected roster was sent out later in the day, but did not reach recipients of the first list, including the METNEWS. Los Angeles attorney John P. McNicholas III, who is running for the Marcus seat, said he received the first list and  thought O’Toole was in the same race until a reporter called him late yesterday.

O’Toole took the situation in stride. When he is elected, he quipped, “all of our emails are going to have correct information.”

O’Toole is now one of four candidates for Ipsen’s seat. The others are Los Angeles attorney Holly Fujie, Sherman Oaks attorney Phillip Feldman, and Los Angeles lawyer Adam Abrahms.

There are two candidates for Marcus’ seat, McNicholas and Deputy Attorney General Jennifer Kim.

The two seats are the only ones that are up for election this year in District 7, which is Los Angeles County. Voting is conducted by mail during May and June—all active lawyers in Los Angeles County can vote—and the votes are counted in mid-July.


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