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Friday, September 30, 2005


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Chatsworth Courthouse Not Affected by Nearby Fires, Official Says


By a MetNews Staff Writer


The Chatsworth Courthouse in the Los Angeles Superior Court’s North Valley District was unaffected by wildfires raging nearby yesterday, a court spokesman said.

Allan Parachini said that there was concern that smoke might infiltrate the building, but that a contingency plan for dealing with that problem did not have to be put into effect. Under the plan, he said, officials would “limit air intake in the building,” instead recirculating indoor air through the air conditioning system.

“We will address the issue if it becomes necessary,” he said.

Parachini said the Chatsworth Courthouse is the closest to the blaze, which the Associated Press reported had covered nearly 17,000 acres between the western edge of Los Angeles and suburban communities yesterday, threatening homes and forcing hundreds of people to evacuate even as improving weather led officials to express optimism that losses could be limited.

He noted that evacuation plans exist for all courthouses, and would be implemented should the fires approach dangerously near, but added that officials had no reason to expect that would occur.


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