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Friday, February 13, 2004

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Challenger Endorsed for One Seat; Nobody Endorsed for Another

Four incumbents were challenged in the March 2 primary. We previously endorsed two outstanding judges, David Wesley and Dan Oki. We are unable to endorse the other targeted jurists.

 Daniel K. Dik
            Los Angeles Superior Court Office No. 67


When Richard Van Dusen was challenged while a member of the Rio Hondo Municipal Court in 1992, we endorsed his opponent, labelling Van Dusen “erratic” and likening him to Wild West judge Roy Bean. Through unification, Van Dusen has become a member of the Los Angeles Superior Court. We do not believe that in the past dozen years he has gained the fitness for judicial office he lacked at the time he last faced voters.

Private practitioner Daniel Dik does possess the credentials for a judgeship. We endorse him.

No Endorsement
            Los Angeles Superior Court Office No. 111


Incumbent Chesley McKay is described as “arrogant.” Some put it less politely.

There are also concerns about his health—trumpeted by his challenger.

Even if he were in the best of health, we would not view him as fit to be a judge.

His challenger, Stella Owens-Murrell, has failed to provide evidence of her own fitness.

We offer no endorsement.

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