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Friday, December 13, 2002


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Nationís Largest Civil Defense Bar Selects New Chief




Robert W. Harrison, a San Diego litigator and the former president of the California Defense Counsel, has been selected to lead the countryís largest regional civil defense bar organization.

Harrison will be inducted into his new role by outgoing president Walter M. Yoka at the Association of Southern California Defense Counselís annual meeting at the end of February 2003. The 40-year old organization is dedicated to serving, protecting and promoting the interests of civil defense lawyers in Southern California.

The Arizona-native was selected to the position based on his years of service, his commitment to the organization, his standing in the legal community and overall ability to lead, his predecessor said. Yoka explained that the president is invariably a person who was selected as the secretary treasurer chair, and then rose through the ranks to become vice president, president-elect and finally president.

Yoka, who has served as the Defense Counselís president since February, said he has great expectations for Harrison, a shareholder at San Diego-based Neil, Dymott, Perkins, Brown & Frank.

Harrison has served on the Defense Counselís Board of Directors since 1987, and is the former president of the California Defense Counsel. He is also a past president of the San Diego Barristers Club.

ďBob Harrison has a proven and remarkable track-record of leadership success,Ē Yoka said. ďOur board and our members are confident that Bobís talents and skills will serve the Association of Southern California Defense exceptionally well in the year to come.Ē

The 51-year old retired United States Naval Reserve Captain listed increasing the groupís membership as a priority for his yearlong term as president. ďMy goal is to bring the level of ASCDS participation back to the membership numbers we experienced in the 1980ís.Ē

The associationís membership has dropped by two or three hundred over the past twenty years, Yoka said.

Harrison graduated from the Annapolis Naval Academy in 1972 and completed his legal education at the University of San Diego in 1981. Yoka is a founding partner of the Los-Angeles firm Yoka & Smith LLP.


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