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Tuesday, March 12, 2002


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LAPD Latino Officers Organization Opposes Second Term for Parks


By a MetNews Staff Writer


An organization of Latino Los Angeles police officers yesterday voiced its opposition to a second term for LAPD Chief Bernard Parks.

Detective Art Placencia, president of the Latin American Law Enforcement Association, known as LaLey, said the board of directors surveyed members and found a general lack of support for Parks’ reappointment.

“We give credit where credit is due,” Placencia said in a statement. “Chief Parks came into a situation that was less than ideal and he was able to accomplish much for the benefit of the LAPD and this city.”

   “We believe, however, that the time is right for him to step down and for another person to lead the LAPD into the 21st century.”

The decision aligns LaLey with Mayor James Hahn and the Los Angeles Police Protective League, who have both come out against Parks’ reappointment. Parks, the city’s second black police chief, is supported by the Oscar Joel Bryant Foundation, a group of black LAPD officers.

LaLey represents 558 active officers and 200 retirees out of the department’s nearly 9,000 officers. Latino officers make up a third of the LAPD, or roughly 3,000 officers, Placencia said.

Placencia said several issues named by LaLey’s members led to the decision to oppose another term for Parks, including his failure to implement the 1992 LaLey/Hunter Consent Decree, his refusal to adopt the compressed work schedule, his lack of support for community policing, and a general lack of respect for the department’s rank and file.

Placencia said the organization has not yet contemplated a replacement for Parks if the Police Commission chooses not to reappointment.

LaLey’s decision to oppose Parks’ reappointment puts the organization in a different corner from City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo, who has vehemently supported a second term for the chief.

LaLey supported Delgadillo in his bid for city attorney last year for the position, but Placencia said the differing views on the issue don’t amount to much.

“That is how he feels,” Placencia said. “This is just how we feel. We need a change of leadership.”


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